Welcome to Palladium OS Forums!


Hello, there pdians!

Hope that all of you are safe and fine, and here’s hoping that the world around us changes for the better

Right-back when we started, the community has been the #1 focus for us. We went from the Community App to Telegram Channels, they all did work but not as efficiently as we wanted! So, here we are with a new solution that we have learned from the process!


Welcome to the Palladium OS Forums! This is the perfect balance between User Interaction and communication. We as developers can filter out issues, feature requests, spam more easily making it more effective without any clutter. As a user, you will be able to post Logs, Issues, Screenshots and Videos in a much more transparent way and simple way!:sunglasses:

Stay safe, wear your masks and carry your sanitisers and use Palladium OS as your daily driver!:joy: