Maintainership Details

Palladium OS - Maintainership Details:

Official Support Guidelines & Rules:

To become the official maintainer of Palladium OS, you need to apply
with a Google Form. You can find everything important related below. We do reserve the right to decide on
the status of the application and at most we will reply within a week of posting the application.


General Expectations:

  • Maintainers must own the device.

  • Applicants who physically have the device is more preferred.

  • You must have an active account on GitHub, Telegram, and XDA.

  • You must have Git knowledge (Cherry picks, conflicts handling, squashing etc.)

  • You must compile an unofficial build and make the device stable for daily usage prior
    to applying. ( You must post all your builds as an XDA Thread )

  • The maintainer should ship builds monthly

Device Expectations:

  • An unofficial build must be done before applying for official.

  • Basic device functionalities ( RIL, Input H/Ws - Camera, Speakers, Sensors…etc) should function.

  • SafetyNet must pass by default.

  • SELinux enforcing status is recommended but not mandatory.

  • All the device-specific sources should be publicly available for us to take a look at.

  • All device Repos must have a good Git history, proper authorship given to all commits where required.

  • XDA threads are required for all the unofficial builds.

  • Device-specific groups are mandatory to address issues and to connect with the users.

  • Major source changes aren’t permitted.

  • Any and all source modifications should be reported and approved by the Core team.

  • All builds are to be tested before public release.

Communication Expectations:

  • The Maintainer should be able to understand and also speak English.

  • The Maintainer must have an active Telegram account through which all conversation would happen.

  • Must be able to connect with the users and also address their grievances

How to apply!

  • Fill in the Google form listed below.
  • Make sure to read all the details provided above because after applying, if found ineligible,
    your application will be instantly rejected.
  • Above all, apply only if you believe in our philosophy of creating a Community-based OS that prioritizes users over trends.

Apply now! :sunglasses: